“School education is very crucial for students, especially the last few years, as it helps them to build their skills and shape their future. It is often said that if you get the basics right, you can easily ace the advanced level.

This saying is completely true when it comes to education. If you focus and work hard during standard VIII, IX and X, high education and college studies will be less challenging for you.

Patel Coaching Classes offers a robust learning platform to students of every calibre. If you want to recognize your skills, polish them and achieve the best quality academic education, we can help you.

Our sole aim is to help students reach their potential in order to fulfil their academic goals. Every student is blessed with the gift of intellect. While some can easily tap into it, others need a bit of help and support.

We are glad to provide all the help and support students need in order to tap their inner potential and skills. We use different techniques and tools in order to deliver the highest quality education.

Our methods are different from others as we coach students in the simplest manner possible. We welcome every question and eliminate all the doubts students have. Our teaching community helps to create an open and welcoming platform for the multi-faced development of students.
In times like the current pandemic, many parents are worried about the quality of education as online classes are completely different from classroom education.

However, at Patel Coaching Classes, we don’t compromise the quality of education. We make sure the student receives unmatched qualitative education.”

– Mr Shailesh R. Patel