Hello!!.. Bodacious was my experience with PCC. I had joined the class for two years with the faith of embracing my knowledge.To start with evocation of my journey, I would like to begin with the first day when the students were informed about their pattern of teaching and rules,making me feel that my boards are in safe hands. For them “Education was the most valuable Asset” which reflected in their teaching.Every silly doubt,every recommendation,suggestion was taken into consideration.With the teachers stepping in,our knowledge enhanced,their gesture was child-loving.Our Principal ,Shailesh Sir had tremendous knowledge which was mirrored in his efforts and teaching style, his lectures were more of understanding rather than just cramming the concepts. Every teacher was marvellous..made a connection between the student and the subject.The institution provides the best to it’s students.Those two years will always be memorable for me.I had a beezer time there!!!